• Client: Otsuka
  • Year: 2015-2018
  • Categories: UX, Visual Design, Creative Direction
  • Experience: Native – iOS and Android, Responsive Web Portals
  • Devices: Phone, Desktop
  • Produced while working at: Mobiquity

Digitally Track Pill Ingestions

Creative Direction for the MyCite Mobile App and Web Portals, a World’s First in Digital Medicine. MyCite is an FDA-Approved Pill-Patch-App medical device for patients – published to the US App Store in June 2018.

The Pill contains a digital sensor, which, when ingested, sends a signal to a Patch worn on the patient’s body. The Patch transmits the information to the App so that patients can track the ingestion of the medication on their device. As well as adherence to medication, the Patch and App also track rest and activity levels. Patients can also use the App to actively log their mood throughout the day and rate their quality of rest. Furthermore, patients have the ability to connect with their physician and family, and share their information through a web-based portal.

This work is under strict NDA. I would be happy to discuss my involvement in more detail during private interviews.

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